Data never speaks for itself. People speak for the data.

If you present verifiable data as the basis for conclusions, recommendations, presentations, credit analysis write-ups—you influence critical business decisions. You connect the dots.


Echols-Hayes Communications of Texas, Inc, started in 1981, focuses on financial/technical communications:

Risk analysis and credit documents

High-value proposal presentations


Technical sales PowerPoints

The Echols-Hayes methodology emphasizes focused thinking strategies, structure, and information design.
Our clients report positive, lasting results across Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and the US. Workshop participants learn processes and tools to get their conclusions across by connecting the dots in clear, direct, and compelling documents/presentations.

About Carla Echols-Hayes, President

Carla Echols-Hayes has presented customized communications workshops and coached thousands of technical and financial experts, managers, bankers, credit analysts, and technical sales professionals to write with data successfully.

After obtaining two degrees in English from University of California, Berkeley, Carla decided to get practical and develop a business based on her skills in editing, technical writing, training, and building compelling business cases.

At this point, Carla has read tens of thousands of technical and financial analyses, coached a range of people from beginning to very experienced technical and financial experts on tightening write-ups, selecting the right data, and building compelling conclusions. Participants say that they still use all the techniques learned even after 20 years.

Her current client list includes the largest financial institutions in the world, the most conservative credit banks in the US, and household technology corporation names.

About this Website

This site will provide quick tips to enhance your write-ups. We will refresh our tips tabs on quick ways to handle common communications questions.

Coaching is available on-line for redacted documents. We can coach on individual documents ONLY if no confidential data is included. Alternatively, paper works too. Please call for details.

Future updates will include short articles on special interest topics from technical experts!

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