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“My fellow-author and I asked Carla to help us with a technical paper (that was later published in the cutting-edge section of Risk magazine). We thought as two Dutch people we needed some help with our English. And indeed we did.

Carla helped us improve the paper much beyond just the language. Even though it was a technical paper, she pointed out several places where the reasoning (or at least the write up) was less than clear, with suggestions how to improve these. She was insisting that we made clear each section and each paragraph what we were actually trying to say. (I still try to ask myself these questions when writing nowadays). The result was a much better structured and clearer paper.”

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“I’ve known Carla for about 15 years and have extensively used her for training credit officers at Sanwa Bank, Bank of the West (BNP-Paribas), and Bank Leumi. The training is geared toward writing techniques for preparing a credit presentation using paragraph and bullet point style along with use of charts to explain more involved issues.

The trainees become better communicators by writing succinctly and explaining issues in an orderly manner, starting with the most important down to least important. Carla has the participants bring actual examples of their writing and shows them immediately how to improve their presentations.

The typical responses from the participants are that this workshop is one of the best and most valuable classes they have ever taken.”

Workshop Referral

Carla Echols-Hayes is an exceptional instructor and facilitator of time tested principles for delivering effective communications. I have been both a participant as well as a decision-maker to direct corporate training budgets to engage her firm to provide customized training for three of the largest financial institutions over the last quarter century. I am an advocate for her methods and routinely draw upon her techniques as I develop my team. Carla’s coursework is suitable for Portfolio Managers, Underwriters, Technical Analysts, Risk Compliance/Audit staff and anyone who must rely on conclusion-based written communications to effectively persuade and validate.
Peter Hom

Commercial Banker since 1985

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