Plan what you write & write what you plan

Planning takes time. You aren’t “doing” anything. Clicking away at the computer feels good and usually ends up in multiple, painful revisions.

A successful plan includes your conclusions with supporting data, audience & context, and purpose.

STEP 1: Turning Data into a Pattern into Main Messages

  • Does the data/information show patterns/groupings? Or not? What does that actually mean?
  • What conclusions emerge from the patterns/groupings of data?
  • What’s my main message? Support?

STEP 2: Analyzing Context & People

  • How will the audience use conclusions/data?
  • What do they already know/not know?
  • How will they react (+ or -)?

STEP 3: Writing with Purpose

  • Why am I writing?
  • Why am I recommending this action?
  • What’s the document goal?
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