Resources — Writing with Data— A Select Few


Edward Tufte:

Tufte expresses passion for good graphic design, insists on statistical depth, and generally distrusts simplistic graphics that quote statistics to make opinion look like fact.

Read him. Study his examples. Go to his workshops. His writing style is highly academic and turgid, and the graphics examples are terrific.

Nate Silver:

Silver loves statistics and baseball. His site——often has sophisticated data analysis interpreted in clear, direct stories. Topics range from politics to economics and sports.

Writing Guides

The following resources are my favorite go-to guides on grammar. The older books such as Elements of Style, Strunk and White, are fine resources as well. This is my list.


Revising Business Prose

By: Richard A. Lanham

A terrific book on self-editing, with practical diagnostic and fix-it techniques, and a Must Have for anyone who needs to cut the fluff.

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The New York Public Library Writers’ Guide to Style and Usage

By: Andrea Sutcliffe

A comprehensive and clear guide, written for everyone producing any written document.

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The Economist Style Guide

By: The Economist

Great on UK vs US grammar and usage differences.

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Grammar Smart

By: Princeton Review

Fun without being precious or too academic, great pointers, good quick quizzes.

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