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What We Do

Workshops Tailored to Every Client

Custom workshops based on proven methodologies

The Echols-Hayes methodology emphasizes focused critical thinking strategies, structure that emphasizes conclusions, and information design for readability. Our clients report lasting positive results across the US, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Workshop participants practice how to build their stories based on verifiable data and get their conclusions and recommendations across clearly. They also use tools for direct, compelling documents and presentations. Everyone participates in small group coaching sessions to practice self-editing techniques on their own writing.

These interactive sessions always include positive models and exercises chosen by our clients, as people learn best from familiar examples. We also involve approvers and managers to encourage efficient processes.

Manager/team leader sessions on providing feedback

The challenge for anyone reviewing writing is “fixing” rather than coaching. In larger projects, we also offer a managers’ feedback workshop that includes tactful reviews, coaching vs. editing, and preserving individual style while improving clarity. First-line manager feedback reinforces our workshops and encourages lasting change.

Group/Individual Coaching

In small groups or one-on-one, clients receive individualized feedback on their documents. We define our goals together, and your coach demonstrates how to use certain self-editing tools for improving communications.


We consult on underwriting document templates, sales proposal Executive Summaries, templates for recommendations and rationale, and sales/internal PowerPoint.

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